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Tasty Suitcase Culinary Tours

Explore the Authentic Cuisine of Italy

Almost all of us have, at some point in our lives, dreamed of traveling to Italy and eating our way around this gorgeous country. Tasty Suitcase Culinary Tours offers just this opportunity: sightseeing, cooking classes with a Michelin star chef, super deluxe accommodations, shopping, and first-class restaurants.

Our groups are between 4 and 10 people max, so that every customer feels pampered and well taken care of. We choose resorts rather than hotels, mostly privately owned and historic residences. Stays are at sumptuous, high-class venues where guests are treated to the best hospitality in a country renowned for it.

The tours are well planned and executed by a Chef/Architect who combines art, food, and passion for Italy and who makes sure guests experience life, places, and food like the locals. Nothing on the tour will feel "touristy". There are cooking classes often with a Michelin star chef, a cooking class on a farm, a visit to a herb farm, an olive grove, a winery, a chocolate factory, and a cheese making experience.

Visits include UNESCO Heritage sites which means there will also be churches, museums, and castles as well as exploration of Greek ruins and Roman mosaics such as in two cities in Sicily: Syracuse and Piazza Armerina. Spend a half day on the highest volcano in Europe, Mt Etna, and an afternoon of leisure and shopping in Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean; see Vesuvius from the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum; gaze across the Mediterranean from the winding cliff-side road along the Amalfi Coast, and much more.

Food will be the main focus of our trips and therefore lunches and dinners will be carefully planned for guests to enjoy the most of their experience in a land of abundance and simplicity. From bread to pasta, the meats and freshest fishes to the wonderful desserts Italy offers, most of the daily meals will be included in the price, except for a couple of times when you will be left free to choose what to do.

Land transportation throughout the tour, entrance tickets, tour guide, tour escort, room, most meals, non-alcoholic beverages at meals, cooking classes, all visits and experiences on the territory, dinner with a home cook, farms, winery, olive oil makers , and more are all included in the price.


Chef Cinzia Cripe